JULY 27 - 29, 2022

and holding...
July 27 - 29, 2022
The Grand Hotel
Point Clear, AL


leadership alabama

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and holding...


$250 per person by check/mail

$260 per person online/credit card
LA Member + spouse/guest  = $500/$520.  Registration fee includes all speakers, programs, meals, and grand celebration for the entire weekend.  A la carte pricing for each session is NOT available. While the Grand Hotel is a great family destination, LA celebration events are for adults only.  Please check with the hotel for children's activities and sitter services. 

Thanks for registering!

or mail your check to:

Leadership Alabama  - Post Office Box 131394

Birmingham, AL 35213 


as of Tuesday, May 24, 2022


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JULY 27-29, 2022

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Come join us at the newly renovated historic hotel on Alabama's picturesque bay!

The Leadership Alabama group rate starts at
$319 per night, plus taxes and fees.

Each member is responsible for his/her own hotel charges.
In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your reservation,
please contact the Leadership Alabama office first.

Click the button below to make your reservation at the Grand Hotel.




as of Monday, July 18, 2022

Rose (Class XXVIII) Allen, Huntsville
David Miller and Cynthia (Class XVIII) Almond, Tuscaloosa
Wendy and John (Class XXI) Anzalone, Montgomery
Anita (Class XXIII) and Eric Archie, Montgomery
Shana and Matt (Class XVII) Arnold, Guntersville

Jeremy (Class XXIV) Arthur, Auburn

Karen (Class XXII) Atchison, Mobile
Peggy (Class I) Averbuch, Atlanta, GA
Jenny and Doug (Class XXVI) Bachuss, Decatur
Connie (Class XXIX) Baggett, Brewton
Jannah (Class XXVII) and Bob Bailey, Montgomery
Connie (Class XIV) Bainbridge, Prattville
John (Class XX) Baker, Mobile

Melissa and Robbie (Class XXI) Baker, Mobile
Melanie Halverson and Carl (Class XI) Barker, Montgomery
Jean and Bob (Class XVI) Barnett, Pell City
Cindy and Brian (Class XXII) Barr, Birmingham

Kimberly and Will (Class XXXI) Barrois, Fairhope
Brooke and Bob (Class XXVIII) Battle, Birmingham

Roger (Class XXVII) Bedford, Russellville

Phillis (Class VII) and Charles Belcher, Eutaw

Renee Lindsey and Walter (Class I) Bell, Mobile

Don Williams and Sheila (Class XXVIII) Benson, Birmingham

Mark (Class XVII) Berte, Mobile
Lynn (Class III) and Bob (Class X) Beshear, Montgomery

Penny (Class XXV) and Jay Billings, Huntsville

Chip (Class XXII) Bivins, Birmingham

Sharon (Class XVIII) Blackburn, Birmingham

Melissa and Fred (Class XV) Blackwell, Opelika

Allyson and Chris (Class XXXI) Blankenship, Montgomery
Marlo and Wiley (Class XXVIII) Blankenship, Mobile
Kaki and Stan (Class XXVIII) Blanton, Birmingham

Kay (Class VIII) Blount, Birmingham

Mary (Class XXII) and Chris Boehm, Birmingham

Young (Class XXIV) Boozer, Montgomery
Alexia (Class XXX) Borden, Birmingham

Miranda (Class XXX) Bouldin, Huntsville

Steve (Class IV) Bradley, Birmingham
Greg (Class XXVIII) Brown, Huntsville

Keith (Class XXX) Brown, Birmingham

Stephanie (Class XXVIII) Bryan, Atmore

Kyrel and Kyle (Class XXV) Buchanan, Muscle Shoals

Dawn (Class XXXI) and Joe Bulgarella, Birmingham

Joe (Class II) Busta, Ono Island

Carol (Class IX) Butler, Birmingham

Annie and Greg (Class XXXI) Butrus, Birmingham
Beverly and Jim (Class XIII) Byard, Prattville

Rebecca (Class XXII) Byrne, Fairhope
Debbie and Kevin (Class XXIX) Carey, Mobile

Mary Jane (Class I) Caylor, Huntsville

Clyde (Class XIII) Chambliss, Prattville

Michael (Class XXIV) Chambers, Mobile

Jennifer and Matt (Class XXIX) Clegg, Auburn

Collins and Trey (Class XXVII) Clegg, Birmingham

Sue Bell (Class VI) and Bill Cobb, Montgomery

Glenda (Class XXX) and John Colagross, Muscle Shoals

Dee and Bill (Class XII) Coleman, Montgomery

Brooke (Class XXXI) and Daniel (Class XXX) Coleman, Birmingham

Laura (Class XXX) and Arthur Cooper, Auburn

Allison (Class XXXI) Black and Jeff Cornelius, Birmingham

Tommy (Class XXXI) Coshatt, Auburn
Hollie (Class XXVIII) Cost, Auburn

Kate (Class XVII) Cotton, Birmingham

Tom (Class XXV) Counts, Decatur
Melissa (Class XXI) and Sonny (Class XVI) Craig, Decatur

Keith (Class XXI) Cromwell, Birmingham
Cassandra (Class XXX) Crosby, Montgomery

Carl (Class XXVIII) Cunningham, Mobile

Greg (Class XXIX) Curran, Birmingham
Chris (Class XXX) Curry, Mobile
Ginger and J.T. (Class XXIX) Dabbs, Birmingham

Anthony (Class XXIX) Daniels, Huntsville
Carnetta (Class XIII) and Norm (Class V) Davis, Birmingham
Jill (Class XXVIII) and Alan Deer, Birmingham

Cathy (Class XXXI) DeLaGarza, Mobile

David (Class XXI) Donaldson, Birmingham

John (Class XXI) Dorsey, Greensboro

Susan (Class XXII) Doss, Birmingham
Bert (Class X) Eichold, Mobile

Katherine (Class XXI) Eddins, Piedmont

John (Class VI) England, Tuscaloosa

Casi (Class XXX) Ferguson, Birmingham

Wayne (Class I) Flynt, Auburn
Jenny (Class XXIII) Folsom and Phil Cabri, Cullman
Nanette and Marquis (Class XXXI) Forge, Autaugaville
Rita (Class VII) Franklin and Susan Wilhelm, Florence
Eddie (Class II) Friend, Birmingham

Joanne and Nick (Class VI) Gaede, Birmingham

Gillian (Class IX) and Mike (Class I) Goodrich, Birmingham

Heath (Class XXI) Grimes, Russellville
Benetia and Jerry (Class XXVIII) Groce, Russellville
Garlan (Class XXI) Gudger, Cullman

Laura (Class VII) Hall, Huntsville

Phyllis (Class XXVIII) and David Hall, Birmingham

Nancy and Seth (Class XXII) Hammett, Montgomery
Ryan (Class XXVIII) Hankins, Birmingham

Laura and Barrie (Class XXIV) Harmon, Montgomery

Helene (Class XXIV) and David Hassell, Mobile
Dane (Class XXX) Haygood, Daphne

Guy (Class XXVII) Helmsing, Mobile

Norman (Class XVII) Hill, Mobile

Melanie and Walter (Class XXX) Hill, Dothan
Paul Burton and Sheila (Class XI) Hodges, Gulf Shores

Chuck (Class XXX) Holmes, Birmingham

Kellie (Class XXVII) and Alvin (Class XXV) Hope, Mobile
Linda and Horace (Class XXV) Horn, Greenville

Jan and Jim (Class V) Hughey, Birmingham

Carol (Class XXVIII) Hunter, Mobile

Hank (Class XXX) Isenberg, Huntsville

Jenny (Class XVIII) and Johnny (Class XXV) Ives, Montgomery
Ave and Eric (Class XXVIII) Jack, Birmingham

Anna and Don (Class XXVI) James, Birmingham

Randy (Class XXVIII) Jones, Albertville
Ashley and Kent Kaplan, Birmingham

Rose and Allen (Class XXX) Keller, Scottsboro

Unzell (Class XXVII) Kelley, Kellyton
Joette (Class XXIX) Kelley-Brown, Jasper

Ursula and Mike (Class XXVII) Kemp, Birmingham
Jeannie and Kevin (Class XXIII) Ketzler, Montgomery
Sharlene and Pete (Class XXVII) Key, Florence

Diana and Dave (Class XXVII) King, Huntsville
Michael (Class XXV) Kirkpatrick, Huntsville
Barbara (Class I) Larson, Lake Martin

Neil (Class XXIX) Lamb, Huntsville

Lisa (Class XX) Carroll Lambert, Mobile

Pamela Porter and Mike (Class XXVII) Lee, Mobile
Kim (Class XXVI) Lewis, Huntsville

Vanessa (Class XX) Leonard, Rockford

Debbie (Class XVIII) Long and Bo Sockwell, Birmingham
Felicia (Class XXXI) and Bobby Long, Montgomery
Sallye (Class XXVI) and Will Longshore, Montgomery

Noel and Barney (Class XIX) Lovelace, Decatur

Sally and Yank (Class XXI) Lovelace, Brewton

Beth (Class XVII) Lyons, Dauphin Island

Jennifer (Class XXVI) Maddox, Anniston

Nikki and Andy (Class XXV) Mann, Florence
Danny (Class XXVIII) Markstein, Birmingham

Lee (Class XXIX) Marshall, Birmingham

Margret and Gordon (Class XVII) Martin, Birmingham
John Thornton and Larkin (Class IX) Martin, Courtland
Warren (Class XXI) Matthews, Greenville

John (Class XXIX) Mazyck, Montgomery

Gwaltney (Class III) McCollum, Birmingham
Robbie (Class XXX) McGhee, Atmore
Sue (Class V) and Mickey McInnish, Montgomery

Yolanda and Scott (Class I) McLain, Huntsville
Keisha and Quincy (Class XXVI) Minor, Wetumpka
Mannish and Anoop (Class XXXI) Mishra, Birmingham

Belinda (Class XXIX) Mitchell, Dothan

Kristi and Mac (Class XXXI) Moorer, Birmingham

Melissa (Class XXI) and Clifton Morrissette, Mobile

Vaughan (Class III) Morrissette, Mobile
Liz and David (Class XIII) Muhlendorf, Florence

Kerri and Patrick (Class XXIX) Murphy, Mobile

Karen (Class XXIX) Musgrove, Birmingham

Wendy Yang and Rick (Class XX) Myers, Huntsville

Alicia and Jeremy (Class XVII) Nails, Decatur

Margaret (Class XXX) Nekic, Montgomery
Caroline (Class I) and Tabor Novak, Montgomery

Henry (Class XXIII) O'Connor, Mobile

Sara and Jim (Class XVII) Page, Tuscaloosa

Sherrie and Rick (Class XXI) Paler, Decatur

Deborah (Class XII) Bell Paseur and Tom Greene, Florence

Evelyn and Charlie (Class XIII) Paterson, Birmingham

Barvette and Michael (Class XXII) Patterson, Birmingham

Virginia (Class XXVII) Patterson, Birmingham

Barbara (Class VIII) and Robert Patton, Opelika
Jeanne (Class XI) Payne, Decatur
Celeste and E.B. (Class XVII) Peebles, Mobile

Jordan (Class XXIX) Plaster, Tuscaloosa
Diana and Gray (Class III) Plosser, Birmingham

Jonathan (Class XXVIII) Porter, Birmingham
Margaret (Class II) and Kip Porter, Birmingham

Kelli (Class XXXI) Powers, Decatur

Corawana and Arthur (Class XXVIII) Price, Birmingham
Karen and Mark (Class XXVIII) Pugh, Andalusia

Denise and Steve (Class XIX) Raby, Huntsville

Cathy (Class III) Randall, Tuscaloosa

Carolyn and Will (Class VIII) Ratliff, Birmingham

Sandra (Class VI) Hall Ray, Tuscaloosa

Tamika and Steven (Class XXVIII) Reed, Montgomery

Maxey (Class XX) Roberts, Mobile

Eva (Class XXIX) and Jim Robertson, Birmingham

Nancy (Class XXVII) and Kem Robertson, Huntsville

Tim Parker and Guin (Class XIII) Robinson, Birmingham
Martha and Riley (Class XXX) Roby, Montgomery

Susan and Alan (Class XX) Rogers, Birmingham
Sheron (Class XXVII) Rose, Montgomery

Leslie and Freddie (Class XXIV) Rubio, Birmingham

Judy (Class XXI) and Dave Ryals, Huntsville

Sisi and Clay (Class XXX) Ryan, Tuscaloosa 
Angie and Mark (Class XXV) Saliba, Dothan

Leslie (Class XXV) and David Sanders, Montgomery

Andrew (Class IX) Saunders, Mobile
Ashleigh and Kevin (Class XXIX) Savoy, Dothan
Elizabeth and John (Class XXX) Saxon, Birmingham

Nancy and Spud (Class VI) Seale, Montgomery

Jacque (Class IX) and Leo Shaia, Birmingham

Jeb (Class XXXI) Shell, Mobile

Lesly and Robert (Class XXVIII) Simon, Birmingham
Pat (Class XVII) Sims, Huntsville

Jody (Class XXVIII) and Chris Singer, Huntsville
Natalie and Lee (Class XXIII) Smith, Birmingham

Sally (Class XXIV) Smith, Birmingham

Darlene and Zeke (Class XXIV) Smith, Birmingham 
Virginia and Ron (Class XVI) Snider, Mobile

Beverley and Richard (Class XXII) Stabler, Fairhope

Brenda and Karl (Class V) Stegall, Montgomery
Lolly (Class XXIX) and Bob Steiner, Auburn

Elizabeth (Class XXV) Stevens, Mobile

Patrice and Steve (Class II) Stewart, Decatur

Leah and Richard (Class XXX) Stimpson, Mobile

Linda and Todd (Class V) Strange, Montgomery

Susan and Bill (Class XXII) Sullins, Huntsville

George (Class XXVII) Talbot, Mobile
Daryl (Class XXX) Taylor, Mobile
Barbara (Class XXI) Thompson, Montgomery

Karla and David (Class XXX) Turner, Birmingham

Marietta (Class XV) and Bill Urquhart, Mobile

Lynne (Class III) and Joe Vallely, Huntsville

Carla and Bill (Class XV) Ventress, Enterprise

Linda (Class II) Vice, Thomasville 

Tim (Class XXX) Vines, Birmingham
Laura and Jesse (Class XXIII) Vogtle, Birmingham
Susan (Class XXXI) and Glenn Waldrop, Birmingham

Julia and Bill (Class XXIII) Wallace, Montgomery

Ann and Kennon (Class XXV) Walthall, Birmingham

Bestor (Class XXXI) Ward, Mobile

Denise and Phil (Class XXXI) Webb, Anniston
Nancy and Larry (Class XVII) Wettermark, Mobile
Erin (Class II) Wheeler, Mobile

Dell Witcher and Brunson (Class XV) White, Birmingham
Avis (Class XXIX) Williams, Selma

Sue and Nick (Class XXX) Willis, Birmingham

Leslie and Danny (Class XXIII) Windham, Huntsville

Mary (Class XXVIII) Helmer Wirth, Madison
Susan and Tim (Class XVII) Wood, Selma

Carla and Bob (Class XXXI) Woodall, Dothan

Ricardo (Class XXX) Woods, Mobile

Cissy and Alan (Class XVI) Worrell, Montgomery

Harlotte and Bennet (Class XXIX) Wright, Montgomery

Morri (Class XXIX) Yancy and David Murphy, Guntersville

Linda (Class IX) Young, Dothan
Jane and Gary (Class VII) Youngblood, Birmingham

Anne (Class XVII) Yuengert, Birmingham

DeLynn (Class XXX) and Lee Zell, Birmingham

Carol (Class V) Zippert, Eutaw



Leadership Alabama's 30th Celebration

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